Over Two Years After #MeToo Harassment Allegations, Justin Caldbeck Is Investing In Startups Again

(Forbes) Justin Caldbeck, the venture capitalist who resigned from his firm after six women accused him of unwanted sexual advances in the course of talking to him about their tech companies or other business deals, is investing in startups again. According to messages reviewed by Forbes, Caldbeck claims to have made small, angel investments in over a dozen startups, focusing on companies led by women and “underrepresented” founders.

“You may know my story and background and hope that you don’t mind me reaching out,” reads one such message from Caldbeck to an investor. He follows with a run-down of his resume: a former partner at Bain Capital Ventures, Lightspeed Venture and Binary Capital. “However, I also made some real mistakes personally by blending personal and professional relationships years ago. [I] have learned a lot and have stepped away from the industry (formally) for the last 2 years or so.” 

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