Tech Leaders Once Cried for AI Regulation. Now the Message Is ‘Slow Down’

April 12, 2024

(Wired) Any dreams of a sweeping AI bill out of Congress are basically a hallucination. Read more here.

AI Governance Appears on Corporate Radar

April 11, 2024

(Harvard Law School Forum) Only about 15% of companies in the S&P 500 provide some disclosure in proxy statements about board oversight of AI. Disclosure of board oversight of AI and directors’ AI expertise is primarily found in the information technology sector, with 38% of companies providing some level of board oversight disclosure… Read more…

The Worst Part of a Wall Street Career May Be Coming to an End

April 10, 2024

(NYT) Artificial intelligence tools can replace much of Wall Street’s entry-level white-collar work, raising tough questions about the future of finance. Read more here.

‘Social Order Could Collapse’ in AI Era, Two Top Japan Companies Say

April 7, 2024

(WSJ) Telecommunications company NTT and leading newspaper Yomiuri will issue a manifesto calling for new laws to restrain generative AI.  Read more here.

Fake AI law firms are sending fake DMCA threats to generate fake SEO gains

April 4, 2024

(Ars Technica) How one journalist found himself targeted by generative AI over a keyfob photo. Read more here.

EU and US set to announce joint working on AI safety, standards & R&D

April 3, 2024

(TechCrunch) The European Union and the U.S. expect to announce a cooperation on AI at a meeting of the EU-U.S. Trade and Technology Council (TTC) on Friday, according to a senior commission official who was briefing journalists on background ahead of the confab. Read more here.

Anthropic researchers wear down AI ethics with repeated questions

April 2, 2024

(TechCrunch) How do you get an AI to answer a question it’s not supposed to? There are many such “jailbreak” techniques, and Anthropic researchers just found a new one, in which a large language model (LLM) can be convinced to tell you how to build a bomb if you prime it with a few dozen…

Vegetables are losing their nutrients. Can the decline be reversed?

March 28, 2024

(The Guardian) A process called biofortification puts nutrients directly into seeds and could reduce global hunger, but it’s not a magic bullet Read more here.

The Deaths of Effective Altruism

March 27, 2024

(Wired) I’m fond of effective altruists. When you meet one, ask them how many people they’ve killed. Read more here.

The power grid has an AI problem

March 24, 2024

(Morning Brew) AI data centers are sprouting up across the United States at a rate not seen since fro-yo took over strip malls in the 2000s. And their staggering growth is causing alarm that the country’s power grid doesn’t have the electricity capacity to absorb them without breaking. Read more here.